Special Requests

Don’t see exactly what you want? The Publix Company Store is happy to try and help you get the item you need in the colors and styles you prefer. Please fill out the form below and your request will be forwarded to Publix Creative Services for review. Once approved, we’ll be in touch shortly thereafter to get started!

When making special requests please consider the following Publix standards:

  • The word Publix must appear in its logotype form (no special fonts or font treatments).
  • The word Publix can appear in the following colors: green, white, or black.
  • Approved apparel colors are green, white, black, gray, and khaki.
  • Custom logos will not be developed and are not approved for Publix stores, departments, distribution centers, etc. Please call Creative Services for further information.

Please remember that special request items may have minimum quantities, additional charges and longer lead times. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

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